Lavender Culinary Duo

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Cooking with lavender – go on, give it try

Your choice: flowers visible or not

Add panache and flair to your favourite recipes

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Cooking lavender – different but delicious

Add a unique flavour with lavender

Cooking with lavender is as easy as just adding a few drops or one or two teaspoons to your favourite recipe or why not invent one of your own! To use just add the dried culinary lavender or the cooking essence to your favourite recipe. Cooking lavender is easy to store and use, plus it lasts a very long time.

If you don’t mind seeing the flowers, use the culinary lavender.

If you prefer the taste but not see the flowers then use the cooking essence. Easy!

Add to cakes, jams, ice-cream, icing/frosting, desserts, scones, bread, biscuits, casseroles, chutney, relish and more. Let your imagination go wild and impress your family and friends!

Store both in a darkened pantry or cupboard.

Lavender Cooking Essence. Only a few drops needed. Size: 12ml

Culinary Lavender. Use like any herb, a little goes a long way!  Size: 15g

Both are Products of Australia and are sold individually in our Home and Garden shop.

Tip: You can use fresh lavender but ensure you use the right sort! Squeeze the flower between your fingertips and it MUST be a sweet lavender smell. If using fresh flowers you may need to use a little more as it won’t be as concentrated.

If it smells like ‘mothballs’ or camphor do NOT use it. It will leave a bitter taste and spoil your creation.

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