Lavender Sleep Pillow


A Natural Sleep Remedy!

Lavender is well known to relax the body and mind, so let it help you sleep.

This lavender pillow is so easy to use, just tuck it inside your pillow slip and then enjoy sweet dreams again.

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Using a sleep pillow is the natural easy way to get to sleep!

Sick of not being able to go to sleep? Toss and turn for hours? A sleep pillow is just what you need. Try putting one in your pillow slip.

The heat and movement from your body releases the perfumed oil from the dried lavender flowers to help you to sleep well.

Everyone knows that lavender is relaxing, so after an active day it’s great to help you unwind.

The pillow contains 100% pure Australian dried lavender flowers which are encased in a soft, square satin pillow for your comfort. (just remember to remove the pillow before washing!)

Size approximately 18cm x 14cm.

Hand Made by Mt Baimbridge Lavender.

Team up with the eye pillow and really relax!

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Other helpful tips to get a good nights sleep:

  • Wind down before bed
  • Stick to a regular routine
  • Take regular deep breaths
  • Get into a comfortable position
  • Put a drop of lavender essential oil on your wrists and temples

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