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"Lavender, relaxing your mind whilst pleasing your senses."
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We love lavender!

Our aim is to provide the highest quality lavender products and exceptional customer service.

Lavender is such a versatile plant. Its oil can be used to relax and calm; as pain relief from insect bites, burns, cuts and abrasions; to help relieve stress, allergies and rashes; induce sleep; help relieve dry skin and dandruff and, deter unwanted pests. It is also great in the laundry to help freshen your clothes being tumbled dry and in the kitchen in recipes, yes that's can cook with the correct variety.

Really, you could say it's the 'swiss army knife' of the plant world!

Take a look at our products to see what you can'll become a lavender lover too!

The healthy properties of the lavender plant are reknowned to be beneficial to your body, mind and spirit.

Lavender is the healthy alternative!