I love lavender

Established in 1997 and still going strong

Here at Mt Baimbridge Lavender my aim is to provide exceptional customer service and the highest quality lavender products and dried lavender flowers.

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About Lavender 

Lavender is such a versatile plant. Its oil and dried flowers can be used to:

  • relax and calm
  • as pain relief from insect bites, burns, cuts and abrasions
  • to help relieve stress, allergies and rashes
  • induce sleep
  • help relieve dry skin and dandruff
  • deter unwanted pests
  • great in the tumble dryer to help freshen your clothes
  • can be added to your favourite recipe, yes that’s right…you can cook with it… but make sure you use the right variety
  • make a relaxing tea

Really, you could say it’s the ‘swiss army knife’ of the plant world.

The health properties of the lavender plant are renowned to be beneficial to your body, mind and spirit. Take a look at my products in the shop to see what you can try….you’ll become a lavender lover too.

Lavender is the healthy alternative.

Our History

Mt Baimbridge Lavender was established in 1997 in Western Victoria. Sorry, I’m not open to the public.

I’ve been growing lavender since 1997. Culinary lavender is our focus and also the hardest one to grow, harvest and prune. It’s a low growing plant so that means back breaking work. I also grow lavender for craft projects and to help me keep up supply, I have other growers who grow on my behalf under similar climate and growing conditions to me. So much lavender – no wonder we’re all relaxed and happy in our household.

I harvest the lavender in summer with a sickle. It’s a labour intensive exercise but the end product is much better. Whilst I grow to organic principles I’m not certified.  I don’t use chemicals just lots of hand weeding and mulching.

The process: I keep watch on the maturing lavender flowers and weather from late November and when the weather and the flowers are right I harvest them. I cut bunches of lavender with a sickle and hang them up to dry in an airy shed. Once dried, I sieve the lavender at least 6 times for culinary and up to 3 times for the craft dried flowers.

It’s a lot of hard work but I love it.

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