Arthritis Essentials – Large

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Relieve the pain of arthritis and sore muscles naturally

Let the warmth from the Lavender Heat Bag seep into your muscles

Gently massage the Arthritis and Muscle Cream into affected areas to help soothe

Let the Lavender Essential Oil relax and calm you

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Pain gone – the natural way with these arthritis essentials

Be free of aches and muscle pains from arthritis and exercise

Our arthritis essentials include the following:

The dried flowers and wheat in our natural, safe Lavender Heat Bag are a known remedy for the relief of arthritic and other muscle aches and pains. Once warmed, place it on the areas that hurt like your neck, back, knees or elbows. Because it’s made from soft, corded fabric and is very flexible it shapes to these awkward areas easily.

Microwavable, Do Not Overheat – we recommend that you place a small cup of water in microwave whilst heating. Approx size: 39cm x 17cm. Weight approx. 1kg.

Massage the natural, chemical-free Arthritis and Muscle Cream into the painful areas. It will begin to help relieve the arthritic aches, pain and muscle soreness. The combination of healing oils will make your skin feel ‘cold’ at first then begin to feel ‘warm’ as the oils are absorbed. The cream is non-greasy and light. Size – 100g

This Australian Lavender Essential Oil is 100% pure. Lavender essential oil is well known for its anti-inflammatory properties and it will help you to relax as well. Size: 12ml

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