Lavender Eye Pillow


Natural relief for tired eyes

Ease tired, aching or sore eyes caused by late nights or long concentration

Place the lavender eye pillow over your eyes and let your body heat release a lavender perfume whilst you relax

Heal your mind and body naturally

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Sick of gritty, tired eyes? Need to de-stress? An eye pillow will help

Let this lavender eye pillow work its magic on your tired eyes. It’s made from cooling satin and filled with organically grown flaxseed and dried lavender flowers and it’s chemical free for your safety.

Placing the eye soother mask across your eyes will help to relieve tired, aching and puffy eyes, help to take away the pain from a headache and generally just calm your mind. A lavender eye mask will promote deep relaxation and aid in meditation. Many devotees of yoga use these eye pillows because of the benefits that they bring.

Don’t leave this mask on too long or the lavender aroma will relax you so much that you might just fall asleep! It’s renowned for promoting sleep, so combined with our sleep pillow, who couldn’t have a good nights sleep.

If you would like to use it really cold, then just pop it in a sealable bag in the fridge or freezer before use. This is a great tip for those scorchingly hot summer days.

Contains: 100% Australian natural flaxseed and dried lavender flowers

Size approximately 24cm x 7cm. Weight approx. 150g.

Hand Made by Mt Baimbridge Lavender.

Take a look at our Sleep Pillow – complements this eye pillow beautifully and can be found in our Natural Therapy shop.

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