Lavender Soap


The soap that families love

A gentle and soft lavender soap

Mildly antiseptic

With pure essential oil

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Make it your family favourite

A gentle, soft and mildly antiseptic lavender soap bar. Safe for the whole family to use. Place one at every basin. Love the scent of lavender? Then this is the best lavender soap.

Using the soap at bedtime will help to promote relaxation making it ideal for kids bath time. Its use will also help to prevent skin infections and promote a good mood.

This soap bar is triple milled and will leave your skin soft and silky. The lavender scent will last to the last use of the soap. It contains no sulphates, parabens, or nasty chemicals and is made from certified sustainable palm oil.

The (French) triple milling process allows for soap that is without impurities and is longer lasting than other types of soap. The final result is a durable and thick, long-lasting bar of high-quality soap.

What’s in the soap:

Ingredients – Sodium palmitate (Sustainable), deionised water, glycerine, sodium chloride (natural salt), tetrasodium (HEDP). Also contains lavender essential oil, and colours.

Size: 100g

Made in Melbourne.

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