Teddy Bear Heat Bag


Comfort your child safely with no chemicals

This lavender teddy bear heat pack is filled with Australian dried lavender flowers and wheat

Heated in the microwave, it will release the relaxing perfume of lavender

It will help calm children and lull them into sleep

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Safe and Natural and just what kids love – Lavender Teddy Bear Heat Pack

A safe, soft and flexible lavender teddy bear heat bag filled with the magic of Australian dried lavender flowers and wheat for your child to cuddle when they go to bed. It will provide them with comfort and calm.

Heating in the microwave will release the relaxing lavender perfume to help them drift off to sleep. They will sleep secure that they’re not alone.

Microwavable, Do Not Overheat – we recommend that you place a small cup of water in the microwave whilst heating and check the temperature before giving to your child.

Height approx 30cm. Weight approx. 1kg.

Other heat bags containing lavender – Large Heat Bag and Small Heat Bag. Both are sold individually in our Natural Therapy shop.

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