Culinary Lavender


Edible lavender that will add a unique flavour

Add flair to your recipes with this culinary lavender. Your guests will be surprised by the exotic flavour. Start a trend and dare to be different.

Grown in Australia

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Culinary lavender is the sweet dried lavender flower that has been grown to organic principles especially for cooking with. We have grown it, harvested it by hand, dried it in the Australian summer heat, sieved it six times and then packaged it into glass jars ready for you to impress your family and friends.

Cooking with lavender is just as easy as cooking with any other herb. Add a unique flavour of lavender to your recipes by using the dried flowers.

Add to: scones, bread, biscuits, casseroles, chutney, relish, ice cream, cordial and more.

Experiment with our cooking lavender in your favourite recipes. Remember that a little goes a long way, so do put the stated amount in the first time.

Our Culinary Lavender is the variety that is best for cooking as not all lavender plants are suitable.

If you have a plant that you want to test to see if it’s OK to use, pick a flower head and squeeze – if you smell camphor (the ‘mothball’ smell) then do not use it as it will taste bitter and could make you sick.

Store in a dark, cool cupboard or pantry. Keep lid firmly in place.

Happy Cooking.

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Size: 15g

Grown in Victoria.


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