Lavender Sachet – Small


Lavender scented bag to get rid of wardrobe pests

Place among your linen, clothes or in the wardrobe

Deter moths, silverfish and other pests

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Put this small bag of Australian dried lavender flowers in with your clothes in drawers, the linen press or just hang from a coat hanger in the wardrobe. If you are looking for a lavender sachet to get rid of moths and silverfish then this is the one for you.

The organza bag of dried lavender will help to get rid of unwanted pests whilst leaving a pleasing smell when you’re picking out what you want to wear. Pop them in the pockets of clothes or coats that are being stored for the winter months. There is nothing worse than getting out your favourite jumper or coat and finding holes in them.

Moths and silverfish don’t like the scent of lavender so that means that you’ll love it.

Lavender bags of dried lavender have been used for hundreds of years to get rid of annoying pests and these scented wardrobe sachets are just the right size to send the moths and silverfish on their way!

Buy now from the shop to get rid of musty smells and pests from your drawers and wardrobe – they’ll last for years.

Tip: Squeeze the lavender bag regularly to release the lavender smell.

Size: 20g

Dimensions: approx h8cm x w7cm x d3cm

Grown in Western Victoria.

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