Lavender Scented Rock


Fresh Linen and Clothes

Handmade from Australian fine clay and essential oil

Long-lasting scent and convenient small size

Rid the musty smell from your drawers or wardrobes

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A Happy Scented Rock

Great for keeping those nice smells in the places we need them most

The scented rock poem – please put us in your drawers to lightly scent your clothes or let us sleep inside your shoes to ward off smelly toes.

Place in your linen press, drawers or any enclosed area where you would like a light, fresh scent. They can have oil added as necessary.

They are handmade from natural Australian fine clay and infused with 100% pure Australian Lavender Essential Oil and all have a happy face to brighten up your day.

Size: 2.5cm (Size and Design may vary slightly as they are handmade)

Made in Australia.

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Dimensions2.5 cm


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