Lavender Bag – Large


Lavender bag to deter moths and silverfish

Place in your wardrobe, drawers and linen press

Pests hate the lavender smell – so you’ll love it

Long lasting

In stock



Get rid of pests from your wardrobe and drawers naturally

This lavender bag for wardrobe pests will stop moths or silverfish from eating holes in your clothes. Just place this sachet on a coat hanger or pop in amongst your clothes in your drawers.

Moths and silverfish don’t like the lavender smell so place these lavender wardrobe bags on the shelves, in the drawers and in pockets of your favourite coat.

An organza sachet of dried Australian lavender that will help to get rid of unwanted pests in your wardrobes or drawers, whilst leaving a pleasant scent each time you move them whilst selecting an item.

It’s been known for many years that lavender deters pests, no need for chemicals just use what nature has provided.

This bag will last for years and years.

Buy your lavender bags now to get your wardrobe and drawers back under control.

Size: 43g (approximately)

Dimensions:  h13cm x w12cm x d5cm.

Grown in Australia.

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