Loose Dried Lavender Flowers – 500g Bulk Buy


All Australian and grown to organic principles

Dried Australian loose lavender flowers for use in your craft projects

Make your own wardrobe sachets, door stoppers, sachets, soaps, bath bombs…

Buy the best quality dried lavender direct from the grower

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Australian naturally dried flowers grown to organic principles

Note: Due to current demand my dried lavender is no longer available to purchase in bulk.

At a glance - why you should buy this dried lavender:

  • You'll be buying direct from a local, Aussie grower
  • The lavender flowers will be top quality as they are grown, harvested, dried and packed on the property
  • They retain their colour and natural properties
  • No pesticides

These loose dried lavender flowers have been harvested by traditional methods and dried under cover for top quality. By buying your dried lavender direct from the grower you are guaranteed the best lavender flowers. Our harvesting is all done by hand with a sickle as soon as the flowers are ready. They air dried then stripped and sieved on the hottest days to achieve the best colour and aroma.

These flowers are perfect for you if you want to make your own sachets for drawers and wardrobes. They can also be used in your homemade soaps, bath salts or bath bombs where you’ll get the benefits of lavender plus the colour and lavender scent.

Tip: Pests hate the scent of lavender so sprinkle it around the backs of your cupboards and they will find a home elsewhere, no more moths or silverfish to eat holes in your clothes.

Not suitable for cooking purposes so please do not eat.

Buy your dried lavender now to start your craft project.

Size: 500g

Grown in Victoria, Australia.

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Buy ready to use small or large lavender sachets.

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