French Pear Room Diffuser


A naturally scented room freshener

The delicate aroma of pear

Hints of cinnamon and wild berries

200mls of natural aroma and designer black reed diffuser sticks

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Fill your room with the natural aroma of french pear

This scented room freshener is perfect if you love the scent of pear blended with hints of cinnamon and wild berries.

Only the highest quality ingredients go into this Australian made scented room freshener. The diffuser glass jar is elegant and will fit perfectly into most decors. Very on-trend are the black diffuser reed sticks which absorb the scented liquid and subtly release it into the room. Packaged in a soft pale green cardboard box that gives it that subtle, delicate look. Makes a great gift to give or keep for yourself.

Some reasons why you’d benefit from this scented room diffuser:

  • need to get rid of that after party smell
  • enjoy the long-lasting, fresh scent without any effort
  • your house/unit/apartment has been closed up for a long period of time
  • pet smells
  • don’t want the artificial smells of massed produced air fresheners
  • you just love pear/cinnamon and wild berries

Size: 200ml

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