Lavender and Rose Furniture Polish


Beeswax and Essential Oils

An exciting blend of natural essential oils and beeswax form a soft furniture polish for use on leather and timbers

The easy penetration of the essential oils will condition your favourite leather or timber furniture

Give your furniture a renewed and fresh scent

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Natural beeswax – Lavender and Rose Furniture Polish

This popular furniture polish contains beeswax plus pure lavender and rose essential oils. The soft beeswax makes it easy to apply to the surface of the item being polished.

It is ideal for leather and both finished and unfinished timber. Let the delightful perfume linger in the air after use.

The soft beeswax polish readily penetrates the furniture to condition and replenish your wood or leather surfaces.

Tips: You can keep your furniture from being scratched by dusting with a damp cloth. Using a dry cloth may leave unsightly scratches on the surface as you move the dust particles around.

If you are using a spray polish don’t spray directly onto the furniture as it may leave patches where there is too much to polish away or remove. Using our beeswax polish takes that risk away.

Always follow the grain of timber surfaces.

Size: 220g

Made in Australia.

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