Scented Pure Wipes


Re-useable cloth for traveling

Just add water to the ‘tablet’ and watch it transform into a re-useable, highly absorbent cloth in just seconds

It is chemical, alcohol, preservative, sulphate and paraben free

A must have in your travel bag

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A re-usable cloth for travelling – just add water when you want to use it

This lavender scented re-usable cloth for travelling is a 100% bio-degradable, multi-purpose wipe that goes from a ‘tablet’ to a cloth in seconds, just add water.

It’s a super lightweight ‘tablet’ that transforms almost instantly once you add water. It becomes a durable, re-usable and lint free cotton cloth. We’ve added pure lavender essential oil for a light scent.

Ideal for use for removing make up, as a chemical free baby wipe, to clean your glasses/sunglasses, as swab for minor abrasions/cuts or just wipe those sticky or dirty hands. The uses are only limited by your imagination.

These small tablets are absolutely fantastic to take travelling. They’re hypo-allergenic, lint free, non-toxic, highly absorbent, soft and gentle on any skin type and take up very little room in your travel bag. You will always have a cloth ready to use within seconds so keep some pure wipe tablets with you in your handbag, car or at home.

This cloth will break down in 35 days with no harmful residue. It is chemical, alcohol, preservative, sulphate and paraben free.

Contains 10

Size: dry – 10c piece dimensions / wet – approx 10cm square

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